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I don't remember that.... (1 Post)
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December 07, 2009 04:50AM

I don't remember that....
Minimiscience - December 07, 2009 04:50AM
I recently finished (i.e., lost) a game of NetHack on NAO, and the final summary said that the deepest level I reached was 21, yet I only made it to level 19. I'm pretty sure I never got deeper than that (You can check the ttyrec; search for "Yeenoghu" in playttyrec to get to the end. Yes, I know I'm not very good at this game, but that's not the point right now.), and I don't think I've ever had something like this happen before. One possible explanation may have to do with the mind flayer I fought in Fort Ludios, as it made me forget a few levels I had visited and afterwards revisited & remapped. I couldn't find anything similar to this on the NetHack bugs page, and now I'm wondering whether this is a new bug that needs to be reported or something else.

There are some things in ascensions zorkmids can't buy.
For everything else, there's Platinum Yendorian Express Card.

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