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Broken Sokoban level (1 Post)
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April 20, 2011 12:49PM

Broken Sokoban level
SaxxonPike - April 20, 2011 12:49PM

                                ------  -----
                                |....|  |...|
                                --|   |.0...|

SaxxonPike the Lookout       St:15 Dx:10 Co:13 In:14 Wi:14 Ch:9  Chaotic S:840
Dlvl:5  $:238 HP:27(27) Pw:21(21) AC:3  Xp:4/88 T:1556

I think there might be a problem with this level. There aren't any pits and the walls are messed up.

Edit: Nevermind. I had a TRAPS option set that was messing up the game. I had the correct number of characters in the string according to the Nethack Wiki (was changing the web character to also be a ^) but it wasn't working.

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