favorite/best pet, and preferences? (4 Posts)
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July 07, 2011 08:09AM

favorite/best pet, and preferences?
MRT - July 07, 2011 08:09AM
pets are interesting. they can be really usefull early game companions. they can also be a pain in the ass.

on NAO i have had my pet set as Dog named White Fang for ever now. i enjoy having a familiar pet at my side as opposed to a random one. sucks worse when they die an awful death of course.

just recently i had a pretty meaningful pet experience. i was at Mines End and my pet stepped on a poly trap. i got me a pet Titan for a bit. never even seen a Titan in any of my games before. a self healing brute of a pet he was.

sadly i left him behind when i went to clear Sokoban and he went feral. i tried to throw some food at him to retame him but he got pissed and attacked me. (yeah its been a while since ive played. im relearning some stuff here)

i escaped him and died YASD somewhere else down the line. ill miss that pet Titan.

got any good pet stories? feel free to share preferences tips and strategies too.

Re: favorite/best pet, and preferences?
scorchgeek - July 13, 2011 01:05AM
Ki-rin are my personal favorite--they make awesome steeds for Knights. They heal themselves, do good damage, fly, and are pretty fast too. They can even wear armor (it's a bug, but hey it works)--once I got my ki-rin down to -27AC. I don't think it took a single hit on the entire ascension run.

Archons are awesome too--you can't ride them (unfortunately), but they're created with reflection, resist polymorph traps, can wield most weapons you give them, and can get to level 49 with the help of potions of gain level.

Recently I had an Angel with the +7 Fire Brand, who could one-hit mind flayers. That was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately you can't tame archons or ki-rin very easily, and you usually have to burn a wish to get a blessed figurine of one, which will usually produce a tame one. They're also exceptionally nasty if they go feral.

Re: favorite/best pet, and preferences?
DrSunglass - August 21, 2011 12:11AM
I have pettype:none in my rcfile. I've been taming cats and dogs I see in the mines for credit cloning purposes, but I don't really bother with them for fighting. Maybe that'll change when I do another tourist...

In my current game, I ended up with a pet ochre jelly and pet giant mimic as a result of a magic trap's "You feel charismatic!" taming effect. Rather lame as pets go.

Re: favorite/best pet, and preferences?
Xandersol - September 06, 2011 12:11AM
I have never ascended.
...But one day I made it all the way to the castle. I was playing a knight, and on dungeon 3, I was swamped by ants and bees, when suddenly, Max (my cat), steps on a poly^ and turns into a black dragon... needless to say, I discovered how much fun it is to have your foes ruthlessly disintegrated without so much as raising a finger. I could even ride it! but, on the castle (Medusa had been turned to a pile of dust, he he) He was hit by a certain attack that rhymes with "touch of death" from a certain monster whose name rhymes with "arch-lich"... Oh well, there's always next time... *sob*...