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May 22, 2013 10:54PM

3D netHack
HappyPandaFace - May 22, 2013 10:54PM
Hey guys, I'm making a NetHack variant that's 3D.

I know you guys like the turn based system of NetHack but I wanna know what you would think of a net hack variant that is real time. I'm thinking of putting in a pause function though so that it would be as turn based as you want.

I wanna know other tips, what are your guys' favorite parts of NetHack?

Also I wanted to take out leveling up/stats and focus more on items gathered because I feel that releveling up your character every time you die is boring and tedious, its more interesting and fun to focus on the items. Of course I will change the game to make this work.

Net Hack isn't very user friendly also. I wanted to bring it to a bigger audience and make it more understandable. I'm going to give more directional hints and more of them (fortune cookies and the oracle). I'm thinking I will make messages prioritize information about items in your inventory and enemies on the level and get rid of BUC on messages or at least make true messages easy to find.

I also have a lot of learn about Net Hack. I've only gotten to dlevel 27 and have never ascended. So any advice would be cool.