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Wishes? (1 Post)
Started By:
June 02, 2013 02:16AM

Edenchen - June 02, 2013 02:16AM
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum and I've been playing vanilla on a port to iPhone for convenience.
I'm playing a level 1 tourist that just reached mine town w/ 1100 gold. I found 2 magic lamps along the way and now I'm trying to decide what to wish for if I get both wishes.
I'm going for grayswandir twoweaponed with another silver saber for my late game weapons.
Right now, I'm considering wishing for the following with my 2(maybe) wishes:
Orb of fate
Eye of the aethiopica
Figurine of an archon.

Thing is, I know artifact wishes are only guaranteed if there are no more than two in the game. I'm going to need a wish for grayswandir, and an archon comes with an artifact, so that leaves a 2/3 chance for the eye or the orb.

What should I do?

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