About to fight the wizard of yendor for the first time ever (2 Posts)
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January 17, 2015 12:12AM

About to fight the wizard of yendor for the first time ever
rizzle4prez - January 17, 2015 12:12AM
Hello! I've never ascended before, but I'm staring at the Wizard of Yendor right now on my dwarven valykrie, trying to figure out if there is anything I should do before I get started on the end game. I just drank a potion of enlightenment, with the results below, I've got AC -14, a ring of conflict, 45 magic marker charges, two wishes, exalibur, mjollnir, and a silver saber, and an amulet of life saving. Can anyone recommend things I should do/watch out for before starting to ascend the planes? Thanks!

Enlightenment results:
You are piously aligned.
You are fire resistant.
You are cold resistant.
You are sleep resistant.
You are shock resistant.
You are poison resistant.
You are telepathic.
You are warned.
You have infravision.
You are stealthy.
You aggravate monsters.
You can teleport.
You have teleport control.
You have slower digestion.
You are very fast.
You have reflection.
You have free action.
You are lucky.
You have extra luck.
Good luck does not time out for you.
You can not safely pray.

Re: About to fight the wizard of yendor for the first time ever
Wolfechu - January 20, 2015 10:14PM
(Might be a bit late, you've probably either ascended or died by now...)

AC's lower than I'd be happy with post-castle. Round up some enchant scrolls and boost it up a bit, and/or buy protection at a temple. -25AC would be bare minimum I'd be comfortable with, I usually end up with ~-40AC, people minmaxing can get -50 or more.

Enchant up either Mjollnir or Excalibur to +7 if possible. If you're not getting reflection from a shield, enchant up the saber to offhand wield.

Have the Orb of Fate from your quest in your inventory (i.e. not in a bag). Half damage from pretty much everything helps enormously.

Might want to boost your luck up to extremely lucky at an altar somewhere...

Things I'd recommend if you've never hit planes before:

Ring of Levitation - Essential on the plane of air, almost-essential on the plane of water

4 scrolls of gold detection, and a source of confusion (usually an expired spell) - using both makes finding the portals to the next level a hell of a lot easier.

That's all I can think of offhand, unless you've any obvious gaps in your kit. Check for more advice.