Preparing for my ascencion run, polymorphed my chest and bag of holding by accident! (3 Posts)
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March 06, 2015 07:22PM

Preparing for my ascencion run, polymorphed my chest and bag of holding by accident!
Susurrus in Gloaming - March 06, 2015 07:22PM
I have never ascended before, but this time I was confident I would succeed. Everything has gone my way until this point, and my Elf Wizard is a monster with +2 Magicbane and +7 Frostbrand, +5 armors with the best item in each slot (-47 AC). I was ready for Rodney, so I return to my hoard in Sokoban for last minute preps. After a quick trip to an altar to make a huge batch of holy water and writing a few scrolls of gold detection, I turn to my piles of useless items and get ready for the polymorph party, figuring I may get some additional useful stuff. I know the spell of Polymorph (I have all the spellbooks, many in multiples, in my chest), so I could really just go crazy with it. I started zapping tools and wands first. After some mixed results, I saved and quit. Later on I get some more time to play, start up the game, and head over to my chest and blessed bag of holding and find just an oil lamp and a blindfold. A few moments of confusion pass before I realize I must have mis-keyed a polymorph direction and transformed my hoard into two useless tools. Gone is my wand of wishes (1:1), 2 blessed figurines of Archons, 3 amulets of life saving, 2 death wands, all of my food (including tons of royal jelly), all my spellbooks, my ring of levitation and my boots of water-walking, and my 7 candles. Countless loot not worth mentioning is gone as well, but the loss of the candles and the ring of levitation is a huge setback. Ouch!

After being sad for a bit, I took stock of the situation. My wizard is still a deadly force even if he is only throwing daggers and hitting with his Artifact weapon of choice. He is still hard to harm. My main issue is I need those candles and will soon forget all my spells. My best course of action is as follows:

1. Collect any and all tools I can find. Also scavenge the few remaining spellbooks for blanking or polymorphing (thank goodness I had my magic markers out when I lost my chest and bag). Keep polymorphing tools in hopes of making candles before I forget the spell of Polymorph.
2. Head to an aligned altar and create monsters for sacrifice until I forget that spell, too. Hopefully I will get some spellbooks from my deity. Keep on polymorphing. Hope for a ring of levitation in there somewhere.
3. Write spellbooks of spells I need like Finger of Death, Magic Missile, etc. with remaining magic markers. Possibly relearn Polymorph and Create Monster and just camp an altar indefintely.
4. Swear to be careful and not glub up this Ascension!
5. Go kill Rodney.

Wish me luck!

Re: Preparing for my ascencion run, polymorphed my chest and bag of holding by accident!
Susurrus in Gloaming - April 08, 2015 09:58PM
I thought I would follow up in case anyone ever reads this and wonders...

I did get the candles together without too much trouble via polypiling. I went to an altar and wrote a book of Create Monster with my leftover magic marker. It got me every single other spellbook. Just altar-camping with the Eye keeping energy regenerating almost as fast as I cast Create Monster was all I needed to just indefinitely sacrifice absurd piles of corpses. I got gifted every spellbook, got ridiculously low AC of -70, and HP around 1350. Of course, I also accumulated piles of stuff and was polypiling like a madman. This obviously took quite a while. It actually got addicting. I think having never ascended and then suddenly being in a position where I pretty much was impossible to kill led to a power-relishing reluctance to actually end the game. When I realized that, I hopped off the altar and went to kill Rodney. I breezed through the rest of the game and ascended with a score of 14806334.

Now to do it again, but maybe not be such a scummy chaotic elf wizard, eh?

Re: Preparing for my ascencion run, polymorphed my chest and bag of holding by accident!
miltonroe - May 09, 2015 02:27PM
Your gear prior to the accident was insane... you were really, really overprepared :) Congrats though!