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hilariously stupid yasd (1 Post)
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April 20, 2015 11:34PM

hilariously stupid yasd
miltonroe - April 20, 2015 11:34PM
Been trying to ascend an Arch, should not be a big deal -- if you play lawful human you get Grayswandir pretty regularly.

I had a fantastic game going -- nearly full ascension kit, GDSM, Grayswandir dual wield with silver saber, unused wand of wishing, etc. Was considering wishing for an amulet of life saving just in case. Also had two wands of cancellation in a sack named NO BAGS IN BAGS, and a bag of holding on 's' (you can see where this is going).

So it was late in the evening, kind of tired, dealing with annoying Gehennom maze levels. I had gotten way too used to rapidly typing a-s-i-a-space to bag stuff. Accidentally hit shift as I type: a-s-i-A-space... everything goes in the BoH and *poof* gone. Ahhhhh nooooo my stufffffff!

Well so I decided I would man up and instead of ragequitting I would go up to my cache, get my leftover goodies, and my extra BoH. But about 10 turns later wouldn't you know it.. "you are getting hungry". Oh crud... start roaming looking for monsters to eat, but I just cleared the level and it's taking forever because all my wands of digging were in the BoH. Go down a level hoping to find monsters or rations, but of course... weak. Put on my blindfold and start heading towards edible monsters but by the time I start a fight... fainting. So in a panic because I'm tired and it's late and I just lost all my stuff... "hey I know I'll pray!" KABOOM lightning, death ray, yasd.

Even worse than when polyed into a vamp lord last week and attacked a cockatrice in melee...

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