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Help.. Never ascend, stuck after sokoban (1 Post)
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May 01, 2015 05:14PM

Help.. Never ascend, stuck after sokoban
Scmc872 - May 01, 2015 05:14PM
Okay, so I'm in the middle of my best run to-date, unfortunately I am missing some key items and I'm afraid to progress to far without them. Just wanted to get a feel for what you folks would do in this situation


+4 Excalibur (expert longsword)
+2 Elven Mythril
+0 invisibility cloak
+ 2 iron shoes
+ 3 wood shield (probably damaged by now)
+ 2 dwarven helm
Total AC = -13 (paid priest a few times)

Most low level wands, pots, scrolls, and rings id'd. I have like 18/10 str, 13 Dex, 18 co, 13 Wis, 11 int. Got bag of holding from sokoban, loads of luck, I believe all the intrinsic resistances ( poison, fire, frost), telepathy, speed, stealth, luck (luck stone also).
Unfortunately I have no MAgic Reaist and no Magic reflect. I recently had to #pray out of being polymorphic into a centipede with 11 hp on dlvl 16. I haven't id'd the ring of polymorph protection either.

I'm afraid to go further because I don't want to die a stupid polytrap death. Just went to see if I could price id a ring, but only found 1 worth 300 and only have 1 ID scroll left. Also just quaffed all fountains on 1st 10 floors except Oracle and mine town; no wishes. Been rubbing lamps; no wishes. Got nothing from a throne either.

So, I guess I have some options;
1; continue further and hope to find some magic resist before I get poly'd again (seems like the not-smart thing to do)
2: burn through all my create monster scrolls and wands and sacrifice at alter/pray hoping for a wish (seems like a waste right now too).
3: ID the 300 ring or just wear it and hope it's a poly control and not a polymorph ring.

I feel like I got real lucky not getting smashed after centipede poly. I've read I shouldn't do fort Ludios or go save the norn through the magic portal until I have some source of magic resistance. Is there anyplace I could go and not expect to be ripped apart by spell casters right now?

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