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September 05, 2015 07:09PM

30 Years to Ascend
DataMan - September 05, 2015 07:09PM
Hi, I just joined this forum because I had to share that I finally ascended. I started playing Rogue back in the 80's and then about 5 years ago started playing NetHack. I have always played a Lawful Human Valkyrie. I did use the Web to search for details about the levels I've never been to before and did keep notes, but since I genocided the h's, I never lost my memory.

I found getting the amulet pretty hard as when I killed the priest, another monster moved into the location and I couldn't move to pick it up. I wasn't sure what to do next, so when I put on the blindfold I could see two purple @ signs by the stairs and I figured that was where the amulet was. I made my way over to them and they kept casting summoning spells and I was always surrounded. I eventually made it to the stairs and one of the purple @ was near me, so I went up the stairs and a few followed. Eventually killed the purple @, but he didn't have the amulet. So I went back down the stairs and it took a number of turns to get the other purple @ to follow me. He had two amulets when I killed him. I used the trick of trying to put each one into my back of holding. Found the real one, named it and started to make my way back up. The priests only attacked a few times and only stole the real amulet once.

I didn't have any cursed gold detection scrolls, wishes, or too many other cool items as I fell into the water in Ghennon and post of my scrolls got wiped. I did have a +6 Excalibur as my main weapon with a +6 Mjolnir in reserve until a disenchanter took it to 0. I used brute force and ring of conflict on the planes. I killed Famine and Death...they were the only ones I ran into on the Astral level.

I did have 3 amulets of Life Saving...used 1 getting the amulet and another in the planes. Still had one in reserve.

I was level 23 with 267 hit points and my AC was -23.

Here is the line from my log file. 4.2 Mil points.
3.4.3 4243042 7 -5 47 140 265 2 20150905 20150830 1 Val Hum Fem Law Michael,ascended (I'm not sure what all the numbers mean)

I went to the right altar first on the astral plane....that one was Chaotic. So I went left next. Kept using wand of teleport to move monsters out of the way....wands of digging on all doors.

I did take screen captures of the message when I offered the amulet to Tyr.

Completing Nethack was on my bucket list. I had to share with someone. :-)


Re: 30 Years to Ascend
dreugh - June 24, 2017 06:34PM