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SporkHack lev_comp (1 Post)
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November 09, 2009 07:42AM

SporkHack lev_comp
paxed - November 09, 2009 07:42AM
In this thread, I will document the changes to the SporkHack special level compiler with more depth and examples than the wiki article on SporkHack.

Differences to the vanilla des-file format:

* The basis for the lev_comp changes is my new level compiler -patch, but SporkHack does more.

* No more [tt]MAZE[/tt]; all special levels start with [tt]LEVEL:"filename"[/tt]. To mark a level mazelike, you add [tt]mazelevel[/tt] to the level [tt]FLAGS[/tt].

* New command [tt]RANDLINE[/tt] to create random river-like structures.
RANDLINE: random,random,'L',lit,20
RANDLINE: (0,10),(73,10),'P',lit,20,2
RANDLINE: <coord1>, <coord2>, <terrain>, <lit>, <roughness>[, <thickness>]

You( "are momentarily disoriented." );

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