Need an NAO game restored if possible :/ (1 Post)
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September 28, 2012 01:14PM

Need an NAO game restored if possible :/
intx13 - September 28, 2012 01:14PM
After a great early and mid-game I was prepping my gear for the final push. I wanted to put all my gems into my third BoH so I scrolled to the final page of items, hit ., and threw it in the BoH.

Of course, . selects all items, not just those visible on the screen at the current moment. Magical explosion, there goes Grayswandir, The Sceptre of Might, and everything else but my clothes.

So with some time on my hands to recoup I figured I'd give pudding farming a go, since I've never done that before.

Maybe I copy-pasted too much, but after a few (ten)thousand turns, I found myself at the NAO login prompt, being told that "There is already a game in progress under your name. Destroy old game? [yn]"

It's possible I allowed too many items to pile up or did something else nasty to the game, in which case I'll write it off. But if it could be restored that would be awesome :)