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A bunch of questions (1 Post)
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September 20, 2016 12:20AM

A bunch of questions
MrBob26 - September 20, 2016 12:20AM
So, I've been playing Nethack offline, on PC and on my phone as well, and a decided to give NAO a try.
But I have some questions of... asthetic nature:
1) Is there any way to get the 'statuscolor'-option working?
2) It's really annoying that you have to hit space everytime something happens, especially stuff like "You descend down the stairs. -more", so is it possible to skip messages completely until the game is ready to accept commands again and then read them in ctrl+p, or something?
3) If possible, I'd like to change the tileset to the default graphical interface, but I'm fine with ASCII, if there is no way to do so.

Thanks for your help and advice!

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