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Topic: Re: What do you want to see the most in NetHack 4.0?
Written By: scummos - 7 years ago
Forum: NetHack
I'd like the dev team to decide wether this -> is good or not. It would also be nice to have the Gehennom mazing patch in the game, which really fits in well IMO ( Of course, stuff like statuscolors, menucolors et cetera should be included in vanilla. Stuff like this or this http://bilious.h
Topic: Re: Suggest patches for NAO
Written By: scummos - 7 years ago
Forum: stuff
Bhaak Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > paxed Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > > > Did you solve the gameplay changing effects? > > No, but for UnNetHack, I don't care. > > IMO the UI improvement far outweighs the 1 or 2 > annoying deaths it does prevent. I also really li
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