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Topic: Re: Preparing for my ascencion run, polymorphed my chest and bag of holding by accident!
Written By: miltonroe - 2 years ago
Forum: NetHack
Your gear prior to the accident was insane... you were really, really overprepared Congrats though!
Topic: hilariously stupid yasd
Written By: miltonroe - 3 years ago
Forum: NetHack
Been trying to ascend an Arch, should not be a big deal -- if you play lawful human you get Grayswandir pretty regularly. I had a fantastic game going -- nearly full ascension kit, GDSM, Grayswandir dual wield with silver saber, unused wand of wishing, etc. Was considering wishing for an amulet of life saving just in case. Also had two wands of cancellation in a sack named NO BAGS IN BAGS, and
Topic: can't play: ttyrec Permission denied
Written By: miltonroe - 3 years ago
Forum: stuff
This ever happen to anyone else? I can login just fine, press 'p' to play and get this: /dgldir/userdata/m/miltonroe/ttyrec/2015-04-20.23:08:52.ttyrec: Permission denied Connection closed by foreign host.
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