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Topic: Re: Game in progress but can't access it
Written By: Chessnuts - 6 years ago
Forum: stuff
Sorry to ask, but the same problem is happening to me. It exited out on me when the game crashed. (I was not attempting anything else, or entering a portal.)I'm playing the NetHack 3.4.3. Would paxed mind restoring it? I was well on my way to my first ascension. -My account name is chessnuts
Topic: Re: Stupidest Death Ever
Written By: Chessnuts - 6 years ago
Forum: NetHack
Maybe I can top this. Playing as a priest, I encounter a nymph. I hit it, and a piece of armor is stolen. I search the level, find it, hit it again with my mace, and the rest of my armor is stolen. I find it again, and this time it steal my mace and offensive wands. I search the level for it a last time, and fall through a trapdoor 3 dungeon levels down. Was killed by a soldier while wearin
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