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Topic: Re: favorite/best pet, and preferences?
Written By: DrSunglass - 6 years ago
Forum: NetHack
I have pettype:none in my rcfile. I've been taming cats and dogs I see in the mines for credit cloning purposes, but I don't really bother with them for fighting. Maybe that'll change when I do another tourist... In my current game, I ended up with a pet ochre jelly and pet giant mimic as a result of a magic trap's "You feel charismatic!" taming effect. Rather lame as pets go.
Topic: Re: Server Updates
Written By: DrSunglass - 7 years ago
Forum: Announcements
I like the 'X toggles twoweapon' behavior, but I don't like the new call prompt, especially because it requires me to press 'c' -- I invoke it with N (I play without number_pad), and usually I would just have to press n again to say no to the prompt.
Topic: Re: Suggest patches for NAO
Written By: DrSunglass - 8 years ago
Forum: stuff
These patches claim to fix bugs that cause crashes: This patch reassigns the X command to #twoweapon instead of explore mode. Since explore mode is disabled on NAO anyway, I'd like to use that key for something useful. (Note however that the patch also r
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