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Sat May 26 2018
13:42:53Vulpesincrease luck, ??? PROFIT!!!
13:45:35nosomebodieswhat magic to use to determine whether is it night or not on NAO? I've met a gremlin
13:45:42RodneySat May 26 13:45:42 UTC 2018
13:45:56AndrioThe magic of breaking the fourth wall
13:45:58nosomebodiesthat seems to be unnight
13:46:27nosomebodieswait its peaceful. will it's results of splitting be peaceful too?
13:47:01nosomebodiesshould I kill him until he splits a lot?
13:47:21AndrioPerhaps... I can see them getting in the way a lot
13:47:33AndrioWait too long and you might ruin your alignment.
13:57:26nosomebodiesThe large cat bites the gold golem. The gold golem hits the large cat. The gold golem hits the large cat. The large cat is killed! oh no I am a squishy wizard alone in minetown
14:01:22stennoK2: ^
14:01:57rdplatypusI had a pet gremlin split into a million of them in Ludios last night. I whistled them into the treasure room and they all fell into pits. It was glorious.
14:02:43AndrioThat's how you play Minesweeper now
14:02:56stennohah nice
14:02:59Andriowell, they are mines.
14:03:21stenno*stenno wonders if you can abuse the Warning mechanism for that :p
14:03:31stennoprobably not
14:03:31AndrioI wonder, if you zap teleportation at the gold, how much of it will end up in the moat on average.
14:04:07nosomebodieswhat a practical question
14:04:19stennoits rather straightforward
14:04:19rdplatypusI didn't have levitation so the gremlins were good trap detectors
14:04:24stennoi think
14:05:01nosomebodiesif you had levitation how would you pick up gold
14:05:32rdplatypusIf you have levitation it's a lot easier to find the landmines without triggering them
14:05:56rdplatypusUntil you fail at disarming them of course
14:07:09stennoget master key of thievery, 100% chance to disarm :P
14:07:56nosomebodies+1 for wishing for MKoT to get money in a complicated way
14:08:10stennosorry, its not 100% success rate
14:08:15stenno(it should be though imo :v)
14:08:18rdplatypusThen you can have a dozen useless heavy landmines! You could even polymorph them into leashes and stuff!
14:08:19AndrioTo actually burgle something
14:08:26stennowiki just says Also, a Rogue carrying the Key has improved chances to disarm a trap[2].
14:08:46specingHow do I fetch a tripe ration in a hole?
14:08:55nosomebodieswhere is the hole
14:08:59specingevery time I move in I fall through and the ration stays put
14:09:11rdplatypusKick it and let it fall down the next hole
14:09:12nosomebodieslul it is trolling you. I just leave food there
14:09:18specinghmmm ok
14:09:30rdplatypusThen you can pick it up on the way down
14:09:36attieautopickup rations, get them before you fall
14:09:49specing"The tripe ration falls through the hole."
14:09:53stennolol i think i found a bug
14:09:55specingok, better
14:11:06rdplatypusI only autopickup-and-drop-down with the fragile wands. Otherwise I kick it to the next hole. Don't want to get out of my "puzzle-solving zone"
14:12:44stennono bug :(
14:19:17nosomebodiesv a vortex or a boulder or statue (a statue of a fog cloud) how does one build that