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Thu Mar 22 2018
21:18:49HomageIt provides drain resistance, though, which is very nice if you plan on ascending without MC3
21:19:51HomageIt's your choice, really. Excal provides more reliable damage, but Mjollnir is capable of hitting very hard on non shock resistant
21:20:20HomageYou could always enchant both and switch versus shock resistant
21:20:31Homageparticularly on Astral. Lots of things resist shock there
21:21:03HomageAlso in the Sanctum, because of the aligned priests
21:21:43Homagealigned priests and angels resist shock
21:22:28gwendolynsorry for the random question, but, does anyone here happen to run Solus? I've spent the afternoon trying to compile 3.6.0 with no success
21:22:37HomageJust make sure to unwield excal before going onto Asmodeus' and Baaelzebub's levels, unless you want to fight them
21:23:17aosdictgwendolyn: what specifically is failing? looks like a linux flavor?
21:24:26gwendolynyeah, it's a linux flavor. I'm getting "ambiguous redirect" as the error when I try to run sh and sh
21:25:00aosdictare you trying to build linux-tty or a graphical windowport? (not that this should really matter)
21:25:26gwendolynit's likely that it's an issue with solus rather than nethack
21:25:27aosdictno, which of those are you building? (tty is the non-graphical one)
21:25:43gwendolynoh sorry, I meant I'm not building graphics should work with regular sh, unless solus provides its own copy with different behavior.
21:26:07aosdict*its own copy of the sh program
21:26:15gwendolynthat's entirely possible actually
21:26:26gwendolynI'll look into that and see if that's the case
21:26:36aosdictcan you pastebin the ambiguous redirect error?
21:26:48aosdictalso, you shouldn't have to run "sh"
21:26:50gwendolyndo you want a pastebin link or is it okay to paste here
21:26:55aosdictpastebin please
21:27:39NovelIs it permissible to ask for advice here?
21:27:46gwendolynthat's from running the makefile though, which I didn't realize I didn't have to do
21:28:42aosdictNovel: sure
21:29:25aosdictgwendolyn: yeah is called from within
21:29:33gwendolynoh okay
21:29:40NovelGot myself into a conundrum. Am floating over the wish wand chest in the Castle. Have the wand. But I have a master Lich on Castle & Medusa levels teleporting to & from the upstair... and I don't have any instant kill that would likely get through their MR. Is my best chance to wish for cursed genocide, get some cockatrices, and smack them with a corpse?
21:29:42aosdictand you're passing the hints/linux file as the argument to
21:30:27gwendolynI tried that, but two things: first, I thought you could do it without passing it the hints file? second, when I do that I get an entirely different error
21:30:34gwendolynI can pastebin that one too, though it's not long
21:31:39aosdictNovel: do you have any pressing need to return back upstairs? if not, just keep going down, maybe clear out the Valley
21:32:56aosdictgwendolyn: maybe just try "hints/linux" or "./hints/linux" rather than "~/.../hints/linux"
21:33:09NovelMy stashes are above. I'm down to 2 holy waters, so I'm uncertain of clearing the valley without access. Or getting to the valley, though I suppose I could wand of dig down next to the chest.
21:33:20gwendolynoh okay I'll try that
21:34:02aosdictgwendolyn: also, I should take this time to point out if you're building from source anyway, the development version of 3.6.1 is better fleshed out and has better features than plain 3.6.0
21:34:26aosdictNovel: You can't dig down next to the chest, you have to go through the existing holes.
21:34:34gwendolynalright, let me try all that with 3.6.1
21:34:38gwendolynthat worked with no errors btw
21:34:43gwendolyngiving it just hints/linux
21:34:50aosdictit's available on github at
21:34:52NovelI suppose I can try -- but as a more generalized question, how do I best prepare to kill these things that flee to the upstair on non-teleport level? Aside perhaps from wishing for the eyes & trying to branchport above.
21:35:14NovelThat's a long run hoping not to get hit with mind flayers. Thank you.
21:35:48gwendolynif you're gonna wish for genocide, why not wish for blessed genocide and genocide liches?