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This is my page about Slash'EM, an actively maintained variant of NetHack. It has a number of additional features when compared to vanilla NetHack:

Slash'EM is maintained by the Slash'EM dev-team with the help of the slashem-devel mailing list (which is open to anyone with an interest in the development of Slash'EM).

Feel free to mail me if I've made any horrible mistakes. I can be reached at Bugs should be submitted via the official bug page.

Stable version

The stable version of Slash'EM is based on vanilla NetHack version 3.3.1 and is available here.

Stable resources:

Development version

The current development cycle of Slash'EM is at the end of alpha development. You can find some information on what the current state is here.

CVS version

Access to the current working version of Slash'EM is available here for those who want the absolute bleeding edge. No guarantees that this version will even compile (although it is supposed to).

The CVS version is packaged up each day into preview versions of the stable and devel distributions, which are available for download here.

Warning: The format of bones and save files created by preview versions of Slash'EM may not be compatible with each other, or with the final released version even though the version number does not change. If you use these versions, you are responsible for deciding when these files have become incompatible and deleting them.

Further reading

Slash'em Guidebook for version 0.0.6 (PDF format)


Also see Sascha Wostmann's Slash page.


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