NetHack 3.4 Spoilers

This site contains, for the most part, spoiler files for NetHack that I have either written or updated to 3.4.3. Most of this is plaintext; if you really want HTML versions, then Kate Nepveu's site has them, and much other good stuff as well.

Currently here you can find the following:

Kevin Hugo's Spoilers

Kevin Hugo wrote a number of detailed spoilers covering many aspects of NetHack 3.2.2. I've been updating them for 3.3 and 3.4.

amul-343.txt Amulets and their properties (Last edited: 2004-02-06)
armr-343.txt Armour, its erosion and enchantment, and magic cancellation (Last edited: 2004-01-14)
art1-343.txt Artifacts and their properties (Last edited: 2004-01-26)
art2-343.txt Magicbane and artifact selection strategy (Last edited: 2004-02-11)
food-343.txt Food and hunger
gems-343.txt Gems, stones, and luck
misc-343.txt Miscellaneous objects
mon1-343.txt Monsters and their basic properties and attacks
pot1-343.txt Potions and their direct effects (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
pot2-343.txt Potions, alchemy, and other miscellaneous properties
ring-343.txt Rings and their generic properties (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
scrl-343.txt Scrolls and their effects (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
spl1-343.txt Spells (learning, practising, and casting)
spl2-343.txt Spell effects
tabs-343.txt Consolidated item tables
tool-343.txt Tools, their properties, and the invocation items (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
wan1-343.txt Wands and their effects
wan2-343.txt Breaking wands, cancelling, and polymorphing (Last edited: 2003-12-21)
weap-343.txt Weapons, weapon skills, and combat modifiers

My Spoilers

abil-343.txt Class- and race-dependent abilities and gained intrinsics
bone-343.txt Leaving and loading bones files
drgn-343.txt The dragon resistances
foun-343.txt Quaffing from and dipping objects in fountains
gods-343.txt Gods, races and alignments
hppw-343.txt HP and power starting values, level increases, and regeneration
intr-343.txt Miscellaneous intrinsics (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
invt-343.txt Starting inventories by class and race (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
mon2-343.txt Monster generation and disposal
prst-343.txt Donating to priests
rint-343.txt Ring intrinsics (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
room-343.txt Special rooms, shops, and level sounds
scor-343.txt Calculation of player's score
sink-343.txt Effects of kicking and quaffing from sinks
thrn-343.txt Sitting on and kicking thrones (Last edited: 2004-02-16)
xplv-343.txt Experience levels and rank titles

Other Spoilers

And spoilers updated from the 3.1.3 originals of Topi Linkala and Boudewijn Waijers:

crwn-343.txt Crowning and its consequences
stat-343.txt Starting attributes
time-343.txt The effects of real-world time, date and moon phase

Legal bit: Please observe that certain conditions apply to the archiving and distribution of those of these spoilers that were originally compiled by Kevin Hugo, by Boudewijn Waijers, or by me. Other spoilers for which I am not aware of the conditions, I have chosen to treat as if under an implicit license that is broadly equivalent; I make no guarantee as to whether this is actually the case.

A Gazetteer of NetHack 3.4 FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions file for rgrn, compiled by Stephen Churchill and now maintained by me. Reading it before posting to rgrn is a Good Idea.

Archived spoiler collections

These tarballs are, or should be, generated automatically every day. Let me know if something appears broken about them. Note that they're largish files, so please don't download them if you don't really need them for offline reference; in particular, please don't download them on an automated basis. My bandwidth isn't infinite.


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