All games for player DeathRobin, grouped by ending reason
3.173killed by the wrath of (a god)
4.69killed by kicking (something)
5.54killed by a(n) water moccasin
7.34killed by a(n) falling object
8.33killed by a(n) jackal
9.28killed by a(n) dwarf
10.25killed by a(n) soldier ant
11.24killed by a(n) minotaur
12.23killed by a(n) fox
13.23killed by touching (an artifact)
14.22killed by a(n) sewer rat
15.21killed by a(n) gnome lord
16.21killed by a(n) system shock
17.20killed by a(n) shopkeeper
18.20killed by a(n) water demon
19.20killed by a(n) rothe
20.20killed by a(n) wand
21.18killed by sipping boiling water
22.17killed by a(n) newt
23.17killed by a(n) giant bat
24.16killed by a(n) goblin
25.16killed by a(n) black pudding
26.16killed by a(n) small mimic
27.15killed by a(n) bolt of fire
28.15killed by a(n) giant spider
29.15killed by a(n) grid bug
30.15zapped (him|her)self with a(n) wand
31.14killed by a(n) killer bee
32.13killed by a(n) falling rock
33.13killed by a(n) boulder
34.13killed by a(n) bolt of lightning
35.12killed by a(n) hill orc
36.12killed by a(n) giant ant
37.11zapped (him|her)self with a(n) spell
38.11killed by a(n) hobbit
39.11killed by a(n) gas cloud
40.10killed by a(n) bat
41.10killed by a(n) kitten
42.10killed by a(n) mumak
43.10killed by a(n) bolt of cold
44.10killed by a(n) scroll of genocide
45.10killed by a(n) gnome
46.10killed by a(n) white unicorn
47.10killed by a(n) gas spore's explosion
48.9slipped while mounting a(n) saddled (pet)
49.9killed by a(n) jaguar
50.8killed by a(n) owlbear
51.8killed by a(n) watch captain
52.8killed by a(n) giant rat
53.8killed by a(n) water elemental
54.8killed by a(n) homunculus
55.8killed by a(n) iguana
56.7killed by a(n) Woodland-elf
57.7petrified by a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice)
58.7killed by a(n) arrow
59.7killed by a(n) xorn
60.7killed by a(n) werejackal
61.7killed by a(n) water elemental of (a god)
62.7killed by a(n) rabid rat
63.7killed by a(n) unsuccessful polymorph
64.6killed by a(n) lieutenant
65.6killed by a(n) coyote
66.6fell into a(n) pit
67.6died of starvation
68.6killed by life drainage
69.6killed by a(n) fire ant
70.6killed by the ghost of (a player)
71.6drowned in a(n) (moat|pool of water) by a(n) (*eel|kraken)
72.6poisoned by a(n) rotted corpse
73.6killed by a(n) priest(ess)
74.6killed by a(n) yeti
75.6killed by a(n) air elemental of (a god)
76.6killed by a(n) djinni
77.5killed by a(n) fall onto poison spikes
78.5killed by a(n) gold golem
79.5killed by a(n) crossbow bolt
80.5killed by the Oracle
81.5killed by a(n) hobgoblin
82.5killed by a(n) scroll of earth
83.5killed by a(n) potion of holy water
84.5killed by a(n) snake
85.5killed by a(n) soldier
86.5killed by a(n) troll
87.5killed by a(n) orcish arrow
88.5killed by a(n) panther
89.5killed by a(n) werewolf
90.5killed by a(n) kobold zombie
91.5killed by a(n) little dog
92.5killed by a(n) magic missile
93.5killed by a(n) incubus of (a god)
94.4killed by a(n) ettin mummy
95.4killed by a(n) wolf
96.4killed by a(n) elf zombie
97.4killed by a(n) titan
98.4killed by a(n) ogre
99.4killed by a(n) gecko
100.4shot (him|her)self with a(n) death ray
101.4petrified by Medusa
102.4killed by a(n) winter wolf cub
103.4killed by a(n) horse
104.4killed (him|her)self with (his|her) bullwhip
105.4killed by a(n) gremlin
106.4killed by contaminated water
107.4killed by a(n) sergeant
108.4killed by a(n) (*eel|kraken)
109.4killed by a(n) shark
110.4killed by a(n) dagger
111.4killed by a(n) boiling potion
112.4crushed to death by a(n) collapsing drawbridge
113.4killed by a(n) blast of frost
114.4killed by a(n) death ray
115.4killed by a(n) captain
116.3killed by a(n) poisonous corpse
117.3killed by a(n) iron ball collision
118.3killed by a(n) quasit
119.3killed by a(n) pony
120.3killed by a(n) plains centaur
121.3killed by a(n) ape
122.3killed by a(n) rope golem
123.3killed by a(n) orcish dagger
124.3killed by a(n) couatl
125.3killed by a(n) dart
126.3killed by a(n) Grey-elf
127.3killed by a(n) pyrolisk
128.3killed by a(n) bugbear
129.3killed by axing a(n) hard object
130.3caught (him|her)self in (his|her) own magical blast
131.3killed by a(n) Kop Sergeant
132.3killed by a(n) large dog
133.3killed by a(n) lizard
134.3killed by a(n) winged gargoyle
135.3killed by a(n) kobold lord
136.3killed by a(n) kobold
137.3killed by a(n) human mummy
138.3killed by a(n) zruty
139.3killed by a(n) ogre king
140.3killed by bumping into a(n) wall
141.3killed by a(n) mastodon
142.3killed by a(n) contaminated potion
143.3drowned in a(n) (moat|pool of water)
144.3killed by a(n) rock piercer
145.3killed by a(n) riding accident
146.3killed by a(n) gnome king
147.3killed by a(n) gnome zombie
148.3killed by a(n) giant zombie
149.3killed by a(n) exploding wand
150.3killed by a(n) giant beetle
151.3turned to slime by a(n) green slime
152.3poisoned by a(n) orcish arrow
153.3killed by a(n) straw golem
154.3killed by a(n) imp
155.3killed by a(n) electric shock
156.3killed by a(n) blast of disintegration
157.3killed by a(n) raven
158.3killed by a(n) black unicorn
159.3caught (him|her)self in (his|her) own burning oil
160.3killed by falling downstairs
161.3killed by a(n) gargoyle
162.2killed by a(n) master lich
163.2killed by a(n) watchman
164.2killed by a(n) mountain centaur
165.2killed by a(n) burning potion of oil
166.2killed by the Master of Thieves
167.2killed by a(n) blue jelly
168.2killed by a(n) burning scroll
169.2killed by Juiblex
170.2killed by (his|her) own axe
171.2killed by a(n) unrefrigerated sip of juice
172.2killed by a(n) stone giant
173.2dissolved in molten lava
174.2killed by a(n) wererat
175.2killed by (his|her) own battle-axe
176.2dragged downstairs by a(n) iron ball
177.2killed by a(n) vampire bat
178.2killed by strangulation
179.2killed by a(n) exploding crystal ball
180.2killed by a(n) residual undead turning effect
181.2killed by a(n) vampire
182.2killed by a(n) tower of flame
183.2killed by Death
184.2killed by exhaustion
185.2killed by a(n) potion of acid
186.2killed by a(n) tiger
187.2killed by colliding with the ceiling
188.2killed by the high priest(ess) of (a god)
189.2killed by a(n) thrown potion
190.2killed by Famine
191.2killed by Neferet the Green
192.2killed by a(n) poisoned blast
193.2killed by a(n) rock troll
194.2killed by a(n) tengu
195.2killed by Yeenoghu
196.2killed by a(n) gray unicorn
197.2killed by a(n) Archon
198.2fell onto a(n) sink
199.2killed by a(n) golden naga
200.2killed by a(n) imperious order
201.2killed by a(n) arch-lich
202.2caught (him|her)self in (his|her) own death field
203.2caught (him|her)self in (his|her) own fireball
204.2killed by a(n) cobra
205.2killed by a(n) air elemental
206.2petrified by trying to help a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) out of a(n) pit
207.2killed by a(n) human zombie
208.2escaped (with a(n) fake Amulet)
209.2killed by a(n) elf mummy
210.2killed by a(n) frost giant
211.2killed by a(n) garter snake
212.2went to heaven prematurely
213.2killed by a(n) exploding large box
215.2killed by a(n) energy vortex
216.2killed by a(n) fire elemental
217.2fell into a(n) pit of iron spikes
218.2killed by a(n) dwarf zombie
219.2killed by a(n) giant mummy
220.2turned to slime by a(n) scroll of genocide
221.2petrified by elementary physics
222.2killed by a(n) stalker
223.2killed by a(n) centipede
224.2petrified by a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) corpse
225.2killed (him|her)self by breaking a(n) wand
226.2killed by a(n) leocrotta
227.2killed by wedging into a(n) narrow crevice
228.2killed by a(n) cave spider
229.2caught (him|her)self in (his|her) own ball of lightning
230.1killed by Ashikaga Takauji
231.1drowned in a(n) drowning
232.1killed by genocidal confusion
233.1killed by Asmodeus
234.1killed by Geryon
235.1killed by a(n) ice vortex
236.1killed by a(n) orc shaman
237.1killed by (his|her) own pick-axe
238.1killed by a(n) orc zombie
239.1killed by a(n) umber hulk
240.1killed by (his|her) own dwarvish mattock
241.1killed by a(n) orc-captain
242.1killed by a(n) exploding ring
243.1killed by a(n) exploding rune
244.1killed by Baalzebub
245.1killed by Hippocrates
246.1killed by a(n) explosion
247.1killed by Dispater
248.1killed by a(n) ice troll
249.1killed by a(n) incubus
250.1killed by bumping into a(n) door
251.1killed by bumping into a(n) boulder
252.1killed by a(n) Uruk-hai
253.1killed by a(n) orange dragon
254.1killed by a(n) wraith
255.1killed by a(n) iron golem
256.1killed by a(n) ochre jelly
257.1killed by a(n) iron piercer
258.1killed by bumping into a(n) tree
259.1killed by crashing into iron bars
260.1drowned in a(n) (moat|pool of water) by a(n) python
261.1killed by Croesus
262.1killed by Demogorgon
263.1killed by brainlessness
264.1killed by elementary chemistry
265.1killed by a(n) Olog-hai
266.1killed by a(n) orc mummy
267.1escaped (in celestial disgrace)
268.1killed by a(n) priestess of (a god)
269.1killed by a(n) orc
270.1killed by a(n) gnomish wizard
271.1killed by dangerous winds
272.1killed by boiling water
273.1killed by the Arch Priest
274.1petrified by tasting (cockatrice|chickatrice) meat
275.1petrified by swallowing a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) whole
276.1petrified by stolen (cockatrice|chickatrice) corpse
277.1petrified by kicking a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) corpse without boots
278.1petrified by tasting Medusa meat
279.1petrified by trying to tin a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) without gloves
280.1poisoned by a(n) rabid rat
281.1poisoned by a(n) killer bee
282.1poisoned by a(n) centipede
283.1petrified by genocidal confusion
284.1petrified by deliberately meeting Medusa's gaze
285.1killed while stuck in creature form
286.1killed by Vlad the Impaler
287.1killed by using a(n) magical horn on (him|her)self
288.1killed by Twoflower
289.1petrified by a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) egg
290.1petrified by a(n) green slime
291.1petrified by attempting to saddle a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice)
292.1petrified by a(n) soldier
293.1petrified by a(n) scroll of genocide
294.1poisoned by a(n) rotten lump of royal jelly
295.1poisoned by a(n) snake
296.1unwisely ate the body of Famine
297.1unwisely ate the body of Death
298.1turned to slime by a(n) (cockatrice|chickatrice) egg
299.1turned into green slime
300.1unwisely ate the body of Pestilence
301.1unwisely tried to eat Death
302.1burned by a(n) tower of flame
303.1unwisely tried to eat Pestilence
304.1unwisely tried to eat Famine
305.1teleported out of the dungeon and fell to (his|her) death
306.1squished under a(n) boulder
307.1poisoned by a(n) vampire bat
308.1poisoned by a(n) unicorn horn
309.1poisoned by a(n) soldier ant
310.1poisoned by Juiblex
311.1poisoned by Pestilence
312.1burned by burning
313.1burned by molten lava
314.1quit while already on Charon's boat
315.1killed by tumbling down a(n) flight of stairs
316.1killed by touching Werebane
317.1killed by Pelias
318.1killed by overexertion
319.1killed by Orion
320.1killed by Lord Surtur
321.1killed by petrification
322.1killed by Scorpius
323.1crushed to death by a(n) falling drawbridge
324.1killed by Shaman Karnov
325.1killed by self-genocide
326.1killed by Lord Sato
327.1killed by Lord Carnarvon
328.1killed by Thoth Amon
329.1killed by Orcus
330.1killed by Nalzok
331.1killed by jumping out of a(n) bear trap
332.1deliberately plunged into a(n) pit
333.1crushed to death by a(n) exploding drawbridge
334.1killed by leg damage from being pulled out of a(n) bear trap
335.1killed by King Arthur
336.1killed by sitting in lava
337.1killed by sitting on a(n) iron spike
338.1killed by touching The Heart of Ahriman
339.1killed by touching Mjollnir
340.1committed suicide
341.1crunched in the head by a(n) iron ball
342.1killed by touching The Longbow of Diana
343.1killed by touching The Magic Mirror of Merlin
344.1killed by touching The Tsurugi of Muramasa
345.1killed by touching The Sceptre of Might
346.1killed by touching The Platinum Yendorian Express Card
347.1killed by the Wizard of Yendor
348.1killed by the Norn
349.1killed by the Grand Master
350.1killed by the Cyclops
351.1killed by sitting on lava
352.1crushed to death by a(n) closing drawbridge
353.1killed by the Dark One
354.1killed by the Master Assassin
355.1killed by the Minion of Huhetotl
356.1killed by the Chromatic Dragon
357.1killed by Ixoth
358.1killed by (a worthless piece of glass)
359.1killed by a(n) carnivorous ape
360.1killed by a(n) lich
361.1killed by a(n) leprechaun
362.1killed by a(n) lemure
363.1killed by a(n) little dart
364.1killed by a(n) long worm
365.1killed by a(n) cadaver
366.1killed by a(n) lynx
367.1killed by a(n) lurker above
368.1killed by a(n) large mimic
369.1killed by a(n) large kobold
370.1killed by a(n) Keystone Kop
371.1killed by a(n) chameleon
372.1killed by a(n) chieftain
373.1killed by a(n) jabberwock
374.1killed by a(n) ki-rin
375.1killed by a(n) kobold mummy
376.1killed by a(n) large cat
377.1killed by a(n) land mine
378.1killed by a(n) carnivorous bag
379.1killed by a(n) magical explosion
380.1killed by a(n) manes
381.1killed by a(n) pit viper
382.1killed by a(n) pit fiend
383.1killed by a(n) partisan
384.1killed by a(n) paper golem
385.1killed by a(n) brown mold
386.1killed by a(n) potion of unholy water
387.1killed by a(n) purple worm
388.1killed by a(n) psychic blast
389.1killed by a(n) boomerang
390.1killed by a(n) page
391.1killed by a(n) nurse
392.1killed by a(n) monkey
393.1killed by a(n) mind flayer
394.1killed by a(n) mildly contaminated potion
395.1killed by a(n) master mind flayer
396.1killed by a(n) Mordor orc
397.1killed by a(n) Nazgul
398.1killed by a(n) ninja
399.1killed by a(n) burning book
400.1killed by a(n) neanderthal
401.1killed by a(n) hunter
402.1killed by a(n) human
403.1killed by a(n) dwarf king
404.1killed by a(n) glass piercer
405.1killed by a(n) giant
406.1killed by a(n) dwarf lord
407.1killed by a(n) doppelganger
408.1killed by a(n) dog
409.1killed by a(n) grappling hook
410.1killed by a(n) golden naga hatchling
411.1killed by a(n) disenchanter
412.1killed by a(n) giant mimic
413.1killed by a(n) dwarf zombie priest of (a god)
414.1killed by a(n) flaming sphere
415.1killed by a(n) freezing sphere
416.1killed by a(n) flesh golem
417.1killed by a(n) forest centaur
418.1killed by a(n) fire vortex
419.1killed by a(n) fire giant
420.1killed by a(n) fire elemental of (a god)
421.1killed by a(n) ghoul
422.1killed by a(n) gelatinous cube
423.1killed by a(n) gray dragon
424.1killed by a(n) gray ooze
425.1killed by a(n) high priest of (a god)
426.1killed by a(n) hell hound pup
427.1killed by a(n) hell hound
428.1killed by a(n) healer
429.1killed by a(n) hill giant
430.1killed by a(n) couatl of (a god)
431.1killed by a(n) housecat
432.1killed by a(n) horned devil
433.1killed by a(n) contact-poisoned spellbook
434.1killed by a(n) demilich
435.1killed by a(n) guide
436.1killed by a(n) Green-elf
437.1killed by a(n) green mold
438.1killed by a(n) green dragon
439.1killed by a(n) dingo
440.1killed by a(n) died
441.1killed by a(n) guardian naga hatchling
442.1killed by a(n) guardian naga
443.1killed by a(n) guard
444.1killed by a(n) python
445.1killed by a(n) quantum mechanic
446.1killed by a(n) fog cloud
447.1killed by a(n) baby gray dragon
448.1killed by a(n) woodchuck
449.1killed by a(n) baby green dragon
450.1killed by a(n) wumpus
451.1killed by a(n) xan
452.1killed by a(n) baby blue dragon
453.1killed by a(n) yellow dragon
454.1killed by a(n) baby crocodile
455.1killed by a(n) wizard
456.1killed by a(n) winter wolf
457.1killed by a(n) baby red dragon
458.1killed by a(n) baby silver dragon
459.1killed by a(n) baby white dragon
460.1killed by a(n) baby yellow dragon
461.1killed by a(n) water troll
462.1killed by a(n) baby purple worm
463.1killed by a(n) baby long worm
464.1killed by a(n) white dragon
465.1killed by a(n) baby orange dragon
466.1killed by a(n) abbot
467.1killed by a(n) acid blob
468.1killed by a(n) elf-lord
469.1killed by a(n) elf
470.1killed by a(n) electric chair
471.1killed by a(n) earth elemental of (a god)
472.1killed by a(n) elven arrow
473.1killed by a(n) Elvenking
474.1fell into a(n) chasm
475.1killed by a(n) ettin
476.1killed by a(n) erinys
477.1killed by a(n) attendant
478.1killed by a(n) apprentice
479.1killed by a(n) acolyte
480.1killed by a(n) acidic corpse
481.1killed by a(n) acid venom
482.1killed by a(n) baby black dragon
483.1killed by a(n) alchemic blast
484.1killed by a(n) anti-magic implosion
485.1killed by a(n) Angel of (a god)
486.1killed by a(n) Aleax of (a god)
487.1killed by a(n) warrior
488.1killed by a(n) warhorse
489.1killed by a(n) blast of lightning
490.1killed by a(n) blue dragon
491.1killed by a(n) scroll of fire
492.1killed by a(n) scorpion
493.1a trickery
494.1killed by a(n) shattered potion
495.1killed by a(n) blast of fire
496.1killed by a(n) silver dragon
497.1killed by a(n) shocking sphere
498.1killed by a(n) sasquatch
499.1killed by a(n) sandestin
500.1killed by a(n) red mold
501.1killed by a(n) red dragon
502.1killed by a(n) quivering blob
503.1killed by a(n) queen bee
504.1killed by a(n) red naga
505.1killed by a(n) rock mole
506.1killed by a(n) samurai
507.1killed by a(n) salamander
508.1killed by a(n) roshi
509.1killed by a(n) blast of acid
510.1killed by a(n) spear
511.1killed by a(n) valkyrie
512.1killed by a(n) barrow wight
513.1killed by a(n) trapper
514.1killed by a(n) tourist
515.1killed by a(n) vampire lord
516.1killed by a(n) violet fungus
517.1killed by a(n) warg
518.1killed by a(n) war hammer
519.1killed by a(n) baluchitherium
520.1killed by a(n) touch of death
521.1killed by a(n) black dragon
522.1killed by a(n) storm giant
523.1killed by a(n) steam vortex
524.1killed by a(n) spotted jelly
525.1killed by a(n) student
526.1killed by a(n) succubus
527.1killed by a(n) thug
528.1killed by a(n) black naga
529.1killed by a(n) succubus of (a god)
530.1killed by a(n) ettin zombie