All games for player superjoe, grouped by ending reason
2.3killed by a(n) soldier ant
3.3killed by a(n) owlbear
5.3killed by a(n) bolt of cold
6.3killed by a(n) priest(ess)
7.2killed by a(n) wand
9.2killed by a(n) mumak
10.2killed by a(n) rabid rat
11.2killed by a(n) shopkeeper
12.2killed by a(n) rothe
13.1killed by a(n) water demon
14.1killed by a(n) winter wolf
15.1killed by a(n) watch captain
16.1killed by a(n) Woodland-elf
17.1killed by a(n) spotted jelly
18.1killed by a(n) vampire
19.1killed by a(n) air elemental
20.1petrified by tasting Medusa meat
21.1died of starvation
22.1slipped while mounting a(n) saddled (pet)
23.1killed by Pestilence
24.1killed by a(n) unsuccessful polymorph
25.1killed by a(n) black unicorn
26.1killed by a(n) ettin zombie
27.1killed by a(n) succubus
28.1killed by a(n) wraith
29.1killed by a(n) rope golem
30.1killed by a(n) giant ant
31.1killed by a(n) giant bat
32.1killed by a(n) giant mimic
33.1killed by a(n) gas spore's explosion
34.1killed by a(n) falling rock
35.1killed by a(n) dart
36.1killed by a(n) dwarf
37.1killed by a(n) dwarf lord
38.1killed by a(n) gnome lord
39.1killed by a(n) horse
40.1killed by a(n) blast of disintegration
41.1killed by a(n) rock troll
42.1killed by a(n) blast of frost
43.1killed by a(n) little dog
44.1killed by a(n) leocrotta
45.1killed by a(n) killer bee
46.1killed by a(n) Kop Kaptain
47.1killed by a(n) large cat
48.1killed by a(n) small mimic