Very Short Virus Help

Virus (VI Resembling Utility Skeleton) is the editor used on to edit your config file.

Virus has 2 modes: command-mode and editing-mode. You start in the command-mode.

In command-mode, you can enter any of the following commands. In editing-mode, you edit the document, and pressing ESC returns you to command-mode.

iEnter editing mode. (Insert)
aEnter editing mode. (Append)
<esc>Leave editing mode, aka go to command mode.
:w<enter>Save changes to file.
:q<enter>Quit editor.
:q!<enter>Quit, don't save changes to file.
xDelete character under cursor.
ddDelete line under cursor.
pPaste deleted text.
$Move cursor to end of line.
^Move cursor to beginning of line.
GMove cursor to end of file.

You can also edit your config file on the web site