Exercising stats

Original by Mitch45678
Updated for NetHack 3.4.3 by David Corbett
Last changed January 24, 2004

These are the things which you can do which will gradually increase (exercise) or decrease (abuse) your statistics. Intelligence and Charisma cannot be exercised. If you are polymorphed, only Wisdom can be exercised.

The game maintains an exercise counter for each stat to keep track of your exercise state. Each time you do one of the things on these lists, there is a chance that the counter may increase or decrease. If you abuse a stat, there is a 50% chance the exercise counter will decrease by one. If you exercise a stat there is a (18-current_stat)/19 chance the counter will increase by one.

When the check is made, each counter is divided by two. Then a random number between 1 and 50 is chosen; if this is less than the absolute value of two-thirds of the exercise counter, the stat increases or decreases by one. (For Wisdom the full exercise counter is used instead.) You cannot increase a stat if its base value is 18 or more. If a stat is changed, the exercise counter for that stat is set to zero.

The first check is always made at the 600th move. Each next check is made 800-1000 moves later (determined at random). When a game is saved and restarted this will make the interval longer.






This spoiler is an updated version of one written by Mitch45678. It also contains some information from Boudewijn Waijer's Nethack Workout Regimen.
Corrections provided by Sam Dennis.

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