Voluntary challenges in NetHack 3.4

by Dion Nicolaas <dion@nicolaas.net>
with help from Kate Nepveu <knepveu@steelypips.org>, Raisse the Thaumaturge <raisse@valdyas.org>, Wim Benthem <wbenthem@wxs.nl>, Stephen Churchill <stephen.churchill@bigfoot.com>, nyra <nyra@gmx.net> and Dylan O'Donell <psmith@spod-central.org>

This spoiler tells exactly what you should not do to adhere to the voluntary challenges or conducts. If you can still stop doing something before it is to late, it is stated (see genocide.) If doing something has a chance of less than 100% to break a conduct, that chance is given. Note that chances may depend on level, dungeon level, luck etc; see other spoilers for exact chances.


Food Conducts

To be vegetarian, refrain from:

Vegetarian monsters are not monsters that don't eat meat, but are the following:

To follow a strict vegan diet:

Be vegetarian, plus refrain from:

Vegan monsters are the following:

Only b, j and F leave corpses to eat. (Some of these are not advisable to eat, of course, but they're all vegan.)

To go without food:

Be vegan, plus refrain from:


To be an atheist, refrain from:

Hitting with a Wielded Weapon

To never hit with a wielded weapon, refrain from:

Note that grappling hooks, pick-axes and unicorn horns, though under "tools" in your inventory, count as wielded weapons.

Also note that throwing or shooting things does not break this conduct, nor does hitting with a non-weapon (e.g. a banana.)


To be a pacifist, refrain from:


To be illiterate, refrain from:

Not Genociding

To not genocide any monster, answer "none" when asked what to genocide.

Genocide may be granted:


To never polymorph an object, refrain from:

Note that by zapping a spell or wand at a monster, objects it drops may be polymorphed.

To never change form, either get the Unchanging intrinsic (by wearing an amulet of unchanging), with which you never polymorph; or get polymorph control (by wearing a ring of polymorph control) and answer <you own race> to the question "Become what kind of monster?"; or refrain from:

Wishing Conducts

To use no wishes, specify "nothing" when a wish is granted. You may get wishes from:

To not wish for artifacts, refrain from:

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