List of Nethack Spoilers


This page attempts to list all Nethack spoilers which are available on the Web and have any content which is relevant to the current version of vanilla Nethack (3.4.3). It may omit spoilers if their content is completely contained in another spoiler or in the Guidebook or Nethack's built-in help system. It was written by Eva Myers, with a great deal of help from Dion Nicolaas's Nethack Index which is a very useful list of pages relating to Nethack. If you know of any spoilers which you believe should be listed here but aren't, please feel free to email me.

Spoilers About Items

This section contains spoilers describing the various items which appear in the game and detailing their effects and uses. For example, links to Dylan O'Donnell's updated versions of Kevin Hugo's spoilers can be found here.

Spoilers About Monsters

This section contains tables of monsters including information about their attacks, and also some spoilers about specific monsters which are particularly difficult to kill or interesting in some other way.

Spoilers About Dungeon Layout And Special Levels

This section deals with the layout of the Dungeons of Doom, the special levels which can be found there, the bones levels on which you encounter the ghosts of previous adventurers, and the special rooms which occur on otherwise ordinary levels.

Spoilers About Dungeon Features

This section deals with the things you can do with dungeon features - fountains, sinks, thrones, graves and traps. Altars are covered later, in the spoilers about religion.

Spoilers About Properties Of Your Character

This section covers how your character's class and race affect the game, his/her intrinsics, stats, starting inventory and special abilities, and how to gain intrinsics and raise your stats.

Spoilers About Pets

This section covers pets - acquiring them, keeping them tame and training them

Spoilers About Religion

This section covers gods, praying, sacrificing, altars and priests.

Spoilers About Magic

This section deals with learning spells, casting spells, and the damage done by spells and other magical attacks.

Spoilers About Strategy

Unlike the previous sections, which mostly deal with how various features of the game work, this section covers strategy - how to survive from the beginning to the end of the game, how to identify items, how to choose a weapon. They are arranged approximately in order, with spoilers for novices at the beginning and spoilers for experts at the end.

Miscellaneous Spoilers

This section contains spoilers which cover multiple topics or otherwise do not fit in any of the previous categories but nonetheless have some useful information about Nethack.